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  • We deliver a personal and first-hand experience, as it has proven to be the only effective way to learn. This time it’s about understanding the risks in road traffic and about making aware and informed decisions that change participants’ behavior patterns behind the wheel and as road users in general.

    Aware Driver is an educational project. Our vision is safer roads, because everyone deserves the right to unlimited freedom of travel without taking unnecessary risks that can easily be avoided.
    Our mission – to create a safer driving experience with more Aware Drivers on our roads!

    Sylwester Pawłowski

    Owner and President at SAFETY LOGIC, author of the Aware Driver Project, and fleet safety expert

  • Road accidents still have not been recognised in Poland as a problem of adequate weight.

    In the meantime, between 2004-2013, the death toll of road accidents is over 47 thousand, with 554 thousand more injured. The economic costs of traffic accidents in Poland are estimated to be in excess of 28 bn złotys per annum. Despite a record of slight improvement over the past decade, Poland still remains a country of low road safety level when compared to other EU members.

    Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

    President of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK)

    Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
  • We are in an urgent need for effective eye-opening training of pedestrians, bikers and drivers.

    Road safety education at schools is practically non-existent, regardless of the education level. Driving schools & centres focus on how to pass exams rather than on how to be safe. Without growing to understand the risks and to increase awareness, we cannot hope for any major improvement in our disastrous predicament on the roads in Poland.

    Wojciech Pasieczny

    Court expert, Vice-President at the Foundation for Preventing Traffic Accidents, former Deputy Head of Warsaw’s Police Road Traffic Department

    p1 pasieczny

Aware Driver
is Poland’s biggest mobile education program.

Our utmost goal is to improve road safety through making every one of us aware of all kinds of risks involved in road traffic.

By delivering personal experience, real-life simulations, and realistic, dynamic shows, we make it possible for the people to learn and understand the risks of the road. And it’s happening wherever you or your people request – with no need for time-consuming and costly travel.

We never focus on driving skills. What has been proven to be crucial for safety is: Awareness, Responsibility, and Understanding of the threats in traffic, eventually leading to conscious and self-driven change of behaviour patters behind the wheel.

Our success together since 2013

Safer roads for everyone

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Savings and cleaner environment

Nasi Klienci zaoszczędzili Nasi Klienci zaoszczędzili 380 000 litrów paliwa
Do atmosfery nie trafiło Do atmosfery nie trafiło 1 166 ton CO2

Your decision – safer roads and cleaner air

Start acting today!

A wiesz, że?

you won’t hold your head still durning impact with rigid obstacle
at 5 kph

And what are YOU looking for?

Corporate event? Training for all your staff or just for drivers? Renting a rollover simulator? Integration or incentive? Renting a simulator for your event? Reduction of fuel and insurance expenses? Attractions for your open doors day? Fair or show attractions to draw more visitors to your stand? More clients for your hotel? Making an exiting TV show?

Check out how others achieved what then wanted with us!


A wiesz, że?

you won’t hold your head still durning impact with rigid obstacle
at 5 kph

Our educational stations

36 educational stations and still counting!

Our training is always dedicated to customer-defined subject. To deliver effectively, our instructors are supported by, inter alia: rollover simulators, head-on collision simulator, ecodriving simulators, aware driving simulators, oversteering driving simulators, reaction time testers & trainers, airbag simulators, and alco-goggles.

Our educational stations

Our Offer

We have 3 effective and efficient packages for you : ECO DAY SAFETY DAY ECO&SAFETY DAY

Choose the one that best fits your needs!

Już od 5900 PLN szczegóły
Już od 14900 PLN szczegóły
Już od 6900 PLN szczegóły

Would you rather have a custom-made offer, designed especially to you needs?
Just let us know info@ and you will have a proposal tailored to your specific condition and requirements, be it a training or an event.


Not ready yet to go for an Eco or Safety Day?
Care for safety improvement?

Start acting NOW!

“Companies that focus exclusively on profit is not necessarily the ones that profit the most.”

Wafic Said, founding benefactor of the Said Business School at Oxford University.

You can do something valuable even at absolutely no cost.

Check out what we have drafted for you.

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A wiesz, że?

Airbag inflates in 0,025 sec with velocity of about 320 kph. It’s one of the reasons why you should fasten your seatbelt.

Our Clients

We do great things with small partners and deliver upon massive projects for the giants.
Our partners include: major international corporations, banks, insurers, FMCG leaders in foods and pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, we support small family businesses, for which people are the key.

We have been trusted by over 260 satisfied partners. Some of them have been listed here.

Maszoński Logistic
Atlas Copco
Grupa Żywiec
Drutex S.A.
RMF 4 Racing Team
Wytwórnia Wrażeń
Volvo Auto Polska
zdm warszawa
Gmina Michalowice
Gmina Aleksandrów Kujawski
Puls Biznesu
Szafa event
Gdansk Transport Company
Millenium Leasing
Kompania Piwowarska
Polsat news
Imperial Tobacco
TÜV SÜD Polska
Ergo Hestia
Subaru Import Polska
zywiec zdroj

A wiesz, że?

Training takes few hours
– efect lasts for a lifetime


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